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About Us

Cotillion in Town is an etiquette and ballroom dance program for young ladies and gentlemen aged 10-15 (Grades 6-9 or Years 7-10).  

Our etiquette program is taught over a themed meal each week, while our ballroom dance focuses on the eight most popular and widely used dances, when possible using current music so that children learn to use these dances at parties, weddings, and other events they may attend.

Good manners are accepted in all cultures and we teach children to be polite, considerate and respectful.  Social skills of a good handshake, strong speaking voice and eye contact will serve them well in social settings as well as interviews for schools and universities.


We teach our international children the etiquette of the many different cultures they may encounter on their travels as well as Continental/American dining etiquette which is generally accepted in any formal dining setting.

Children attend 12-14 sessions per Season. Our Seasons generally follow the academic year.  

Attendance at Cotillion is part of our etiquette training and parents' commitment to the program is appreciated. Children are expected to commit to a full Season and may not miss more than two Cotillion sessions with good reasons. We understand that running a program with participants from more than 12 different Hong Kong schools means that schedules may occasionally clash. We understand this and take this into account in our attendance policy.

Our program is run by volunteers with two professional dance instructors from Hong Kong and the UK.  We hold our events at the American Club both in Central and Tai Tam, with occasional special events at alternate venues.  

​Over 800 volunteer hours are required to run a successful Cotillion-In-Town season. In order to keep fees low, parents are required to assist in various tasks, which include chaperoning, administrative work, decorating, liaising with various clubs, organising the bus routes. Prior to payment, we will follow up with volunteer opportunities.

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