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Events in our Season

Regular Cotillion Sessions

Our Regular Cotillions are divided into 3 Classes:

Early Birds runs from 5:15-7:30pm for children aged 11/12 and/or Grade 6/Year 7 for the upcoming academic year.

Night Owls runs from 6:45-9:00pm for children aged 12/13 and/or Grade 7/Year 8 for the upcoming academic year.

Midnight Swans runs from 7:15-10:00pm for children aged 13-15 and or Grades 8 and 9 (Year 9 and 10) for the upcoming academic year.

Unless otherwise noted, the program takes place at the American Club Town Club in the Clipper Room, 48th Floor of Exchange Square Tower 2.  (Note: 2 sessions have been added at the Vista Ballroom in Tai Tam)

Parents Night

By invitation only, this evening, held in Tai Tam for space reasons, will be open to volunteer parents and will allow our parents to enjoy watching a full Cotillion session.  This event will follow the regular Cotillion format and schedule.

Etiquette Night

We start off our Cotillion Season with Etiquette Night when we introduce all participants to the dining and social etiquette that they will learn and be expected to use during Cotillion.  This special evening takes place in the Vista Ballroom at the American Club in Tai Tam. All classes attend together.  Participants arrive promptly for registration at 5:15pm and the program finishes at 10pm.  

Bollywood Night
By popular demand, our new Indian Night will be held at Tai Tam and will feature a slightly extended meal and dancing in the Vista Ballroom, but will follow the regular Cotillion format and schedule.

Chinese New Year Banquet

We introduced a Chinese New Year Formal Banquet for our 2017/18 Cotillion Season, and it met with great success.  During the event, we introduce formal Chinese dining etiquette along with cultural norms associated with special occasions.  All classes attend for the entire evening from 5:00-10:00pm on this night.  For the 2018/19 season, we plan to host this event at a traditional venue.

End of Year Spring Formal

Our Season culminates in our Spring Formal, our final and most formal event.  Young ladies wear white and gentlemen must wear dark suits and white shirts.  The evening is an opportunity to celebrate their success during the season with a formal dinner, dancing and social celebration.  The children look forward to this special event every year.  All of your young ladies and gentlemen attend together from 5:00 - 10:00pm in the Vista Ballroom of the American Club in Tai Tam.

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