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Early Birds

Early Birds runs from 5:15-7:30pm for children aged 11/12 and/or Grade 6/Year 7 for the upcoming academic year.

Pick up and Drop off Schedule for Town Club Events:

Children should arrive promptly at 5:15pm at the American Club -Town Club for registration.    Unless Members of the Club, parents who wish to escort children to the event may do so as far as the 27th floor and then should leave the children to take the American Club elevator to the 28th floor where they will be directed by the Reception Desk and met in The Clipper Room by Cotillion Patrons.  

Pick up is at 7:30pm.  To avoid congestion in the American Club, we recommend that parents pick up children from in-front of Starbucks on the 3rd Floor of Exchange Square Tower 2.    We will send the children down with Patrons but cannot wait in the event that parents are delayed.

Cotillion in Town will not be responsible for children outside of scheduled class times.

Please be reminded that Cotillion members are guests of the American Club and must be respectful of members at all times.

Pick up and Drop off Schedule for Tai Tam Events:


Please check the event schedule for exact information as each event in Tai Tam has a different format.  Registration for these events is in the foyer of the Vista Ballroom which is downstairs from the Reception Area.  Parents may accompany children into the club to ensure they reach the Ballroom.  Parents and Guardians are asked to be mindful of Saturday traffic on the Southside when making plans for a  prompt arrival at the Tai Tam location.

Pick up is at the top of the stairway to the Vista Ballroom or in the Reception area of the Club.

Class Patrons -

Mrs. Cynthia Fleischer

Mr. Oliver Bolitho


Mobile Phones:

Cotillion in Town has a strict No Mobile Phones Policy.  We understand that children may have them to keep in contact while getting to and from Cotillion, however,  they are to be put away when at Cotillion and will be confiscated if used while inside the club.   If your child will make his or her own way home or will be picked up by a driver on the street outside Exchange Square, please inform your Patron when you arrive. Please note that children are not allowed to use mobile phones within the Club to call a driver.  They will need to wait until outside the Club 

lobby to make a call.


 If your child cannot attend Cotillion, please let your Head Patron know by  email at your earliest convenience. If your child falls sick or for some reason is unavailable at the last minute, please call and/or text your Head Patron immediately.  When a child misses an evening, it means that another boy or girl is left without a dance or dinner partner.  Respecting the participation agreement is instrumental to the success of the program.  Please note that when a child is absent, they are required to write a handwritten note of apology or an email to their Head Patron explaining their absence.

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