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Where to find Cotillion clothing?

We recommend the following shops/tailors and have had success with them in the past.  With tailoring, we advise that the simpler, the design, or a copy is better than trying to find success explaining a complicated design or fabric.  It is always easier to shop when overseas in the US, UK, Australia or Europe.  We hold clothing swaps in October and March each year.

Hair, Makeup, and Nail Professionals

+852 5395 7405

Denise is available for tailoring and alterations at our Clothing Sale

Custom Women's Tailor Denise

Irene Fashion

Rm B. 2/F Welley Bldg.

97 Wellington St.

Central, HK

tel: 2850-5635



Shoes for Girls

Vicki Shoes

3 Queen Victoria St.

2525 6402

Dancing Shoes

Paul's Ballet Supplies

Shop 64, 1/F Admiralty Centre

Custom Men's Tailor

Royal Tailors

(for boys suits)​

contact: Lyra Wong

Shop A, 2/F Entertainment Building,
30 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

(please mention Cotillion)

Cotillion is often the first opportunity our young ladies have to get dressed up and begin experimenting with makeup.  We highly recommend Frances Feldman, who can give your daughters some tips and guidance on makeup.  Frances is available for mini-makeovers and tips during our Semi-Annual Dress Sales.  (She is also terrific for Moms!)  

There are many dance shoe shops in Lowu

A good option for inexpensive dancing shoes for both girls and boys with fast-growing feet.  These shoes are not for outside wear.

Dresses for Girls




Ted Baker

(overseas trips!)

Suits/Jackets for Boys

Brooks Brothers


Marks and Spencers

(also shoes)

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